You are lucky person number to have the privelage of seeing my page!

 Hi! Welcome to my homepage! So nice of you to drop in! 
 Let me introduce myself. My name is Kristine. I'm 13 years 
 old, and live in Washington state. To make this a lttle more
 interesting, I've made a list of 10 things that I like, and 
 are important to me. Click on any item on the list, so I can 
 share it with you! Enjoy!
 Enjoyable and Important Things (in no paticular
 1) Writing (Read my children's story!)
 2) Reading
 3) Family
 4) Friends
 5) Church
 6) Animals
 7) Smiles
 8) Laughing
 9) Sunflowers
 10) Getting E-mail (HINT, HINT!)
 Now, of course, I have to do another list.
 Things that Bug Me (again, in no paticular order)
 1) Pessimists
 2) Science
 3) Math
 4) Sports
 5) Bugs
 6) Sick jokes
 7) Mondays
 8) Rain
 9) People that tell me I spend to much time online. *G*
 10) People that visit my page without signing the guestbook.
    (HINT, HINT!)

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